oh god I feel so nervous LOL

I don’t really know if I really should do this or not..

Today I felt like I want to do it,,,, to share my secret hobby

which is about preparing to escape this world ” yeah I can imagine ur face saying huh?!”

well I know it’s a bit crazy but since I was really young I loved to prepare my self for an exceptional trip or something like that hahaha

I always tell my self what if someone come to me and said : We have to go now! we have to go to another world now ! we don’t have time!!!!

what I should do then! omg ! what ! now! I need to prepare my self

lol yeah crazy isn’t ?

But think about it dude what if something like this happens?

for me I don’t want to go to somewhere without my bag with all things that I may need

from this point I started to take it seriously but also in fun way ” because I know there is nothing like going to another world”   BUT WHO CARE I REALLY DO HAVE FUN DOING IT!

when I grow up a little bit I realized this may could be a good hobby ,,, since the world is not doing well with all this wars and stuff,, I may really need it someday ,,, this bag

So,,, I started writing down things that I may need for my future trip >>> which I hope it’s a trip to a good place 😀

I don’t know what else to write here O_O”

 oh yeah I’m not an English native speaker so please cover up my mistakes and so on

Thank you ~


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